Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Something Sweet

Today I tasted 2 sweet things. First is Macaroon from Adriano Zumbo. I like caramel macaroon most. However all of the macaroons taste good because they are not too sweet and I'm one who can't eat something too sweet too much but I love something sweet! The second thing is a bread from Bakery Delight. I'm not sure what's the name of the bread but I called it bread of happiness. The reason is because the bread is colorful and you can taste different flavors in a bite.





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Thursday, May 19, 2011

It wasn't My Day

Hi guys. Last post I promised you to post some pictures from Fashion Weekend Sydney, but too bad I have to tell you that when I was in the event I couldn't turn on my camera because the battery was run out. How embarrassing I was. I brought my heavy camera without checked the battery first. Awkward huh?! Anyway, the Fashion Weekend was fun. It was so crowded because of the bazaar. I tried to find some photos of the Fashion Week from internet. Hope you like it :)

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 9.14.12 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 9.10.19 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 8.19.37 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 8.18.50 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 8.18.14 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 8.17.32 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 9.07.00 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 9.10.31 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 9.09.06 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 9.07.45 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 9.39.24 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 9.09.34 PM
lovely quote!

Photo on 2011-05-14 at 11.23 #3
I took this photo before I went to the event. I wore my most favorite dress but I wore it as a top.

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 9.44.16 PM
Me and my friends, taken from my friend's camera.

Source :

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fashion Weekend Sydney 2011

Hi! Sorry for my long absence. Fashion Weekend Sydney is coming soon! I'll be there on May 14. Have you booked your ticket? For all of you from another country, don't worry I promise I'll post pictures from Fashion Weekend Sydney. So see you there all sydney peeps! :)


Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Are Somebody Because of Fashion




It's my favorite headband. Isn't it pretty?


Headband : Tutu ( )
Shirt : ASOS ( )
Skinny Jeans : Cheap Monday
Bag : Long Champ
Socks : Random
Wedges : Lovers + Friends

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Monday, March 14, 2011


One word for these dresses and also the designer, ADORABLE. I can't say too much, but I want to share this pictures and show you how adorable it is.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Cate Blanchett wore it in Oscar 2011.

Elie Saab
Mila Kunis wore it in Oscar 2011. Honestly, I think this dress looks better on Mila Kunis :)

Images via,,

A Day Off

I'll tell you a little bit about my background. My name is Stella. I'm studying fashion design in Sydney but I'm Indonesian. I love fashion so much. I think fashion is what we wear, and what we wear is what we are. So for me, fashion is my reflection. I have 5 days off instead of 2 days college. What a beautiful life! I took this pictures on my day off in the park behind my apartment.





T-shirt : Burberry
Skirt : Valley Girl
Bag : Tod's
Sock : Random Store
Shoe : Wanted